Northerners Unionsstaaten American Civil War unpainted soldiers conversion figure composition wuth woman (250)


Conversion figure of solder Northern allies of the U.S. civil war, elastolin compatible  by the creative workshop of the MB-Model. (Ukraine)
Of white plastic
Among the photos there is a similar figure. ( Only as sample color)

Presented images were edited for clarity, relief figures,which physically corresponds to the image, but not painted.
Available Scales:  40mm ( 4cm 4 cm ) 65mm (6,5cm  6,5 cm) and 70mm ( 7cm 7 cm), but if you want different scales, or other questions – contact us.

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Our soldiers are the Northern allies of the U.S. civil war is unique, because the wizard from a command MB-Models  ( mb-model ) MBModels constantly working on new models, figurines and statuettes, each soldier ,each piece is unique and available only from us. We constantly monitor the quality of our products, using expensive equipment, we provide high and even higher precision and detail. Shotgun, rifle (if a rifle), knife, gun, eye, rifle, or other weapon of a soldier or the soldier – it should be at the highest level to each of our clients received from them a real pleasure. Scale compatible with elastolin elastolin. Each figurine is very high quality. All of our figurines are made exactly to scale. Soldier or soldiers different from the other soldiers special clothing. Basically you can buy from us neokras. But our professional painters, can according to your desire to paint ,to produce a stylish colour figures and individual figures or artistic paint any of the figures (some call them soldiers and soldiers are also called, and other similar shapes), We sell our figures and soldiers in different countries of the world. Our satisfied customers from Germany, UK, USA, England, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.)

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