“MB Models” young company, founded in Ukraine in 2013. It combines specialists in the field of creating mini-sculptures of various scales, artists, designers and connoisseurs of history figures. Our destinations : Indians, cowboys, horses, riders, panoramas, Dioramas, Mexicans, soldiers northerners, southerners, soldiers, Vikings, Romans, the Hasidim . Every Indian, a cowboy , a Jew, a Hasid , Mexican dressed and painted in accordance with his age. Collectible figurine of an Indian , a cowboy or a Jew Hasid, we have provided hard plastic. Also we can buy the original of antique figures of the GDR (DDR) Elastolin , Elastolin, Durso, Durso Chialu or.

    The company provides a full cycle of small-scale production of collectible figurines of their own development scale : 7cm (70mm), 4cm (40mm) and 5.4 cm (54mm). Our professional sculptors, manually create a unique master models, which we produce small series. Our team of miniature painters, by hand with love paint each figure and character. We carefully control the quality of each work and only after that, the figure falls to our customers.
    MB-model presented in the international eBay sites in Germany and the United States ( and ). Visit us on our site in eBay, read reviews and buy on our Ebay store Germany, Ebay USA store/World.

    We are constantly working to create new and totally unique figurines of various scales and directions. Among our customers, the most famous collectors in Germany, USA, Italy, Russia and many other countries.
    The figures Indians cowboys Hasidim riders will be updated, visit our page or subscribe to the newsletter. When we have new shapes that interest you, you will learn about them first.

    We are open for cooperation with sellers , Resellers and stores of different countries and always welcome new clients. Individual approach and strict observance of agreements. If you are a merchant (the seller) figures, we can create it for you even the photos circulation figures according to your individual order.

    Thank you for your trust , thank you for being with us!

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